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May 21, 2019 2 min read

Spinning a yarn about spinning yarn, in this episode you’ll find stories about hand spinning that you don’t have to be a spinner to appreciate. I’ll also share some notes on creativity and how it affects us at the mill, plus an opportunity to try out the role of Yarn Designer by creating your own small batch of roving or yarn.

… letting go allows great change to take place. No matter our circumstances life is in constant motion. Letting go is not quitting. Letting go is allowing things to be imperfect. When things don’t turn out exactly the way you want them to, letting go is allowing space for observation and reflection,and revision.
— Lydia Christiansen

Curiosity is Ignited when neither the tools, materials or ourselves get in its way. As long as you can stay curious you’ll be able to move forward. No matter your skill level or experience —Curiosity Feeds Creativity.
— Lydia Christiansen

Real self confidence and affection for yourself comes from being creative in ways that you care about. Making things that you actually love.
— Lydia Christiansen

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Highlights From This Episode

  • Listener questions on handling wool scouring waste water [2:19]
  • Hand Spinning Story: Letting Go [8:23]
  • Hand Spinning Story: The Broken Wheel [12:33]
  • Exploring the language of creativity [18:56]
  • Wool Apprentice survey results [24:23]
  • Try out the role of Yarn Designer! [27:08]

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Show Host

Lydia Christiansen

Mother, teacher, entrepreneur, self-taught textile processor, designer, and artist. Her work is an expression of devotion to our shared reliance on the natural world. At the heart of it all is her belief that the earth gives abundantly so we can thrive.

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