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Basic Wool Quality

April 02, 2019 1 min read

Basic Wool Quality

In this video discover two fantastic Pacific Northwest sheep breeds as we answer the top three questions people ask about their wool, and learn the four criteria for a healthy fleece.

Understanding what you have begins with understanding the diversity that's out there. 

— Lydia Christiansen

Never, never, never plan what a fleece is going to become until you've identified what it is.

— Lydia Christiansen


  • Question #1: What do I have? [0:42]
  • Question #2: What's my wool worth? [3:30]
  • Criteria For a Healthy Fleece #1 & 2: Length & Strength [4:13]
  • Criteria For a Healthy Fleece #3: Cleanliness [9:17]
  • Criteria For a Healthy Fleece #4: Micron [11:58]
  • Bonus tip on judging quality in wool [14:03]
  • Question #3: What do I do with my wool? [17:18]


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