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Wool Quality (#002)

April 02, 2019 2 min read

Wool Quality (#002)

In this episode learn the top three questions people ask about their wool, listen in on a conversation about skirting with local shepherdess Sarah Pope, and discover two fantastic Pacific Northwest sheep breeds.

Every fleece has a unique story. The way to answer your own questions about wool is to start learning how to read a fleece.

— Lydia Christiansen

American sheep dairies today face the same dilemma that many artisans face. Excelling in your craft is not enough to stay afloat when there are imported competitors with significantly lower prices on the shelves everywhere.

— Lydia Christiansen

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Highlights From This Episode

  • Flash primer on sheep [1:50]
  • Learn how to ‘read’ a fleece [7:48]
  • Listen in on a skirting conversation with Sarah Pope [11:11]
  • Dual breed East Friesian [15:22]
  • Discover the interesting history of Romeldale and CVM [17:49]
  • Raw Wool Study [23:42]

Links Mentioned In This Episode

  • Basic Wool Quality — In this video discover two fantastic Pacific Northwest sheep breeds as we answer the top three questions people ask about their wool, and learn the four criteria for a healthy fleece.
  • East Friesian Sheep — Learn more about East Friesian and other Dairy Sheep
  • Romeldale Sheep — Learn more about Romeldale/CVM Sheep
  • Glendale Shepherd — Whidbey Island farmstead and sheep cheese
  • Signature Blend - Roving — Dyed-in-the-wool roving from Pacific Northwest sheep breeds
  • Field Guide to Fleece — Compact reference of 100 sheep breeds and how to use their fibers

Show Host and Guest

Lydia Christiansen

Mother, teacher, entrepreneur, self-taught textile processor, designer, and artist. Her work is an expression of devotion to our shared reliance on the natural world. At the heart of it all is her belief that the earth gives abundantly so we can thrive.

Sarah Pope

Sarah Pope

Knitting, designing, and sometimes even writing up a pattern when not herding, ferrying, or feeding little children. I’m copywriter at Brooklyn Tweed and I also write and publish curriculum for a small school. Based in Portland, Oregon and San Juan Island, Washington.

Follow Sarah/WhistlingGirlKnits on her website, Instagram and Ravelry.

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