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Pelletized Raw Wool - 8oz

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Your plants are going to LOVE this! 

Our Wool Pellets are made with 100% Raw Wool, nothing added. All the wool we use comes from small flocks in the Puget Sound area, and is naturally renewed by sun, sheep and pasture. 

Raw wool is naturally rich in nitrogen, which stimulates photosynthesis and boosts plant growth by nourishing the whole plant with vital proteins. Grab an 8 oz. sample package or two, and try them for yourself today! This is a good size for touching up a few potted plants or mixing with spring bedding plants. Once you see the results, you'll be amazed at all these have to offer. Here's how we recommend using Wool Pellets: 

  • Fertilize - We recommend mixing about 6-8 oz. across 10 square feet to an approximate depth of 4 inches. 
  • Amend Soil - Pelletized wool is a renewable alternative to peat moss. Not only will your Wool Pellets nourish your plants, but they'll also aid water retention and soil aeration! 
  • Mulch - You can also top dress your garden with pelletized wool to repel slugs and pests. We recommend top dressing 10 square feet with about 3-4 oz., or as desired in targeted areas. 

This listing is for one, 8oz. package of pelletized raw wool.