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April 03, 2022 1 min read

In this episode, we'll unpack some of the dilemmas and opportunities with small batch wool, and consider some options for wool that don't involve yarn.

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Show Host

Lydia Christiansen

Mother, teacher, entrepreneur, self-taught textile processor, designer, and artist. Her work is an expression of devotion to our shared reliance on the natural world. At the heart of it all is her belief that the earth gives abundantly so we can thrive.

2 Responses

Rose Sires
Rose Sires

April 09, 2023

Enjoyed this particular episode!

susan kroll
susan kroll

April 09, 2023

Hi Lydia…just listened to What are we going to do with all this wool? great episode. I have heard some kind of talk about a “Millers’ Guild”. and was connecting these two ideas. that a guild could be a place for communication about how to best deal with the wool in our community: i.e. your dividing up the processes of grading and distribution, scouring, pelletizing, carding, etc. Have you heard anything about this kind of association among mills? I do know that you and other mills have kind of forged connections with “sister” mills to do projects…which might be the start of this concept of the Millers’ Guild. thanks, Susan Kroll

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