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March 05, 2020 2 min read

In this episode we dive into the secrets behind Finnsheep. Hear about the fiber and breed itself, and chat with two shepherdesses who tend the wool I’ve been spinning this month. I’ve even got a hot tip on where you can purchase these brand new small batch yarns.

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Links & Highlights From This Episode

Show Host and Guests

Lydia Christiansen

Mother, teacher, entrepreneur, self-taught textile processor, designer, and artist. Her work is an expression of devotion to our shared reliance on the natural world. At the heart of it all is her belief that the earth gives abundantly so we can thrive.

Emily Tzeng with Finn lambs

Emily Tzeng

Follow Emily on Instagram or check out her Local Color Farm and Fiber website to learn more about the fresh vegetables, heritage breed lamb, and naturally dyed fibers she grows on her farm.



Sarah Pope with Finn Sheep

Sarah Pope

Follow Sarah on Instagram, check out her pattern designs on Ravelry and check out her yarns on her San Juan Woolworks website.

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