What's Your Fiber Profile?

A lighthearted take on why we love fiber.

We see it all the time here at the mill. People come to us with quite decided preferences about their roving. Some like it thick, others prefer thin, textured or smooth, striated or homogeneous. There are purists who take it strictly unblended, and alchemists who will blend anything in their quest for roving or yarn perfection. Personally, I happen to love it all and find the great diversity among fiber and fiber artists inspiring.  So, have you ever considered where you lie in the great spectrum of fiber lovers? What is your fiber profile? Check out these descriptions we've put together and see where you line up. Of course, its normal to relate with qualities from more than one profile. There’s no shame in claiming all of them!

Fiber Rescue First Responder

Fiber Rescue First Responder: Raw wool

Sourcing & Stashing Habits

Whether scouring the skirting floor for overlooked locks or taking in bags of unwanted VM with a touch of fiber, you are the first responder when a fleece starts heading for the bin. You tirelessly search for the diamonds in the rough while your friends urge you to stuff pillows, make dolls, or ANYTHING to keep that stuff away from your spinning wheel. 

Roving of Choice

No discretion needed. A little elbow grease can fix anything - time and patience can produce results on even the most awful fibers!

Finished Yarn

You may have more fiber than yarn in your stash. Bits and bobs of this and that seem to hang around for that special day when they reveal their purpose in life. Your finished yarns may collectively resemble a patchwork quilt, but most of all they showcase your remarkable devotion to resurrecting fallen fibers.

The Primal Fiberist

Primal Fiberist: Girl holding sheep in field

Sourcing & Stashing Habits

You prefer to get your fiber directly from the source - raw and unprocessed. You may be seen climbing remote hillsides seeking fiber snagged by branches or shrubs. Commercially processed fibers hold little to no appeal to you. Is that cotton growing in your bathroom??

(True Story: I once had a septic inspector notice the bags of raw fiber stored in my garage and ask, "But, doesn't it smell bad?")

Roving of Choice

Earthy and natural all the way. The variety of texture and color in all kinds of natural fiber provides you with endless inspiration. A few bits of VM are cherished, and the scent of lanolin is acceptable or even highly valued

Finished Yarn

 It's all about process. Your yarns are rich with memories. A simple touch of your yarn may transport you to the farm, the animal, and each step of processing along the way.  What you lack in luxury, you make up for in meaning. 

The Tiffany Club

Tiffany Club

Sourcing & Stashing Habits

The Tiffany Club is drawn to the more elite and prestigious fibers and sources.  You will go to great lengths to acquire only the most luxurious fibers. You are generally well connected, possibly with inside information about when special yarn will hit the market. Everyone but a Primal Fiberist wants to sit next to you at gatherings, where you delight in showing off luscious samples that most of us just dream about.  

Roving of Choice

Prefers exotic fibers with zero tolerance for VM. The softer and silkier it glides through your fingers the better. 

Finished Yarn

Your finished work makes people swoon. Your sense of quality and style are potent. Whether you sell your yarn or gift it to family and friends, your yarn is almost always about connecting with others. 

True Fiber Addict

True Fiber Addict: Woman surrounded by colored yarn and wool

Sourcing & Stashing Habits

Characterized by rapid heart rate in the presence of fiber, you see the beauty in all fibers and have an insatiable appetite for bringing new ideas to life. The true addict is equipped with the skills of experience as well as youthful ambition. 

Roving of Choice

A discerning yet broad palette, there are no boundaries for the true addict who often leads the way with trending blends and cutting edge applications. 

Finished Yarn

Your creations demonstrate an evolved fiber sense. In learning all you can and trying everything, you may have identified a special style that reflect your unique personality. People can’t help but be amazed at the things you create. For you, fiber is a lifestyle. 

Diversity is the element that makes life so interesting. We each bring to the fiber table a unique balance of creativity, nuance, and inspiration. But, it is our love of fiber that knits us together. Next time you sit down to your wheel or curl up with a ball of yarn, look around and see if you can't feel the endless circle of fiber lovers wrapping around the globe, across the centuries, and back to you.

This is more than just yarn. This is fiber love.


  • Ruth Kohl

    No doubt about it…pure fiber addict..hopeless actually!

  • Lydia Christiansen

    Wow, I am fascinated by your fiber profile combo! Makes me want to send you some Icelandic lamb roving – soft and luscious with a nod to the primitive. Which country do you live in? Maybe we can rally support for a few sheep change its profile.

  • Keren Duchan

    I guess I’d be more of the "Tiffany Club" and a bit of the "Primal Fiberist", if I could! I live in a country where there are no farms and sources of any kind, so I have to shop online. I buy what I appreciate, either for its quality or for its down-to-earth and sustainable roots. But mostly I am clutching at straws, waiting a long time for the delivery to arrive, and being thankful for affordable international shipping rates… And dreaming of visiting a real fiber farm one day!

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