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September 08, 2016 1 min read

Field Notes 9/8/2016

My hand spinning is very utilitarian. I don't mean the yarn I spin is utilitarian. I mean I have a specific purpose for the act of hand spinning. I like to draw up my wheel when I sit down to do some serious writing, or I have a real problem that requires some thinking. Spinning creates empty space in my mind for thoughts to unravel and new ideas to spark. Sometimes just a few minutes of spinning are enough to resolve a question or bring back my focus. Working this way means my actual finished yarn is always a surprise. It also means I have a steady inflow of one-off skeins of hand spun yarn. Of course this begs the question. . .

What's the best use for one-off handspun skeins. . .for me? I'm still working on this question, but I've made myself a pretty sweet laptop blanket in the process. 

Sweet woven laptop blanket pad

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