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Custom Mill Carding

Create your own custom batts or roving by sending (or bringing) your fiber to us and/or selecting from our Natural Fiber Blending Bar.

Step One: Register online (Free)
Step Two: Design consultation by phone
Step Three: Send your own fiber and/or purchase from our blending bar
Step Four: We'll make your order
Step Five: Pay invoice online or in person, return shipping is free.
  • Processing (based on finished weight) Price/pound Price/ounce
    Full Service Roving Prep $40 $2.50
    Just Carding $20 $1.25
    Just Pin-Drafting $20 $1.25
    Blending Bar Fiber Price/pound Price/ounce
    US Merino - Natural $32 $2.00
    US Merino - White $32 $2.00
    US Merino - Dyed $40 $2.50
    Blue Faced Leicester - Black $56 $3.50
    Blue Faced Leicester - White $56 $3.50
    Blue Faced Leicester - Oatmeal $56 $3.50
    Baby Llama - Black $64 $4.00
    Baby Llama - White $64 $4.00
    Tussah Silk - Bleached $80 $5.00
    Tussah Silk - Honey $80 $5.00
    Cashmere $200 $12.50
    PNW Breed Specific Fibers Varies
    Fibers by Special Request Varies
  • No Minimums.

    All fiber must be clean/scoured and is subject to evaluation before processing. Low crimp or short staple fibers (i.e. silk, llama/alpaca, mohair, angora, yak, cashmere) may require blending up to 50% Merino or other high crimp wool. We do not process fiber that has evidence of moths, tenderness, cotting, or contains Angelina.

    We’re always happy to take a look at your fiber and recommend designs and/or blending options best suited for your fiber.

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