Have you any wool?

Have you any wool?

$ 50.00

This workshop is for anyone who has raw fiber and wants to know what to do with it.

No Prerequisite. No experience needed. 

Class Description

Creating a plan for your fiber begins with judging the quality of the wool and preparing it to be washed. This class will teach you how to see quality and avoid problems in a fleece. You'll have the opportunity to class and skirt your own fleeces as well as a variety of others. These are sensory lessons best learned with hands-on experience. Together we'll practice the skills needed to evaluate and skirt raw fiber on your own like a pro.

This class is 90 minutes. Space is limited and reservations are required. 

Class Location

Classes will be held in the Scouring Room at: 

Abundant Earth Fiber Mill

6438 Central Ave., Clinton, WA 98236