Why Do You Always Do Things the Hard Way?

Last night I was looking over my workshop thinking about all my fiber and what I might like to get done this coming week. And in that sweet blissful moment, I heard my mother's voice ringing in my head, "Why do you always have to do things the hard way?". I indulged the imaginary conversation and replied, "I sort of love doing things the hard way". I love using my hands. I love connecting with the natural world around me. I love expressing my human quality, human ability to create! Besides that I get huge satisfaction about knowing the whole story of a finished product. I love knowing the whole story. I love being in the story.I know my mother (or my imaginary perception of my mother) is not alone. When I mention to people that I'm into processing and spinning wool, I'm often met with a look of confusion. You what? How? How do you do that? Isn't that tedious? It's as if the knowledge is expected to be long gone. Why would anyone do that anymore? Why do we even need to know? And yet. . .behind the bewilderment is definitely intrigue. It is deeply humanly satisfying to know how to use your hands.

So, I say to all those voices in my life and in my mind, I do it because I love it. It leaves me feeling satisfied, fulfilled, rejuvenated, human, connected. Its more than just the yarn.