Dyeing By Natural Causes

One year ago I was on fire about natural dyes. I've had a great time playing with them this year. Here's what I've tried:

Cochineal + Alum Onion Skins Mysterious Mushrooms (from my yard) Strawberries + Alum Blackberries + Alum Hydrangea Blossoms + Alum

Color is an amazing gift from Mother Earth and I'm very excited about another round of dyes come spring. But, there are some definite drawbacks in vibrance, and color fastness is sort of unknown - bummer. And I must confess, the lure of immediate satisfaction with acid dyes calls to me. Being able to add a pinch of powder and yield a fire engine red or brilliant orange would be really fun! Natural dyes aren't so predictable or speedy. But, they are my first love when it comes to dyes, and will always have a special place in my heart.