Spinning Strawberries

I just plied two bobbins of super soft wool which I hand dyed last summer with strawberries my son and I picked from Bell's Berry Farm down Libby Rd. in Coupeville. Holding that yarn takes me right back to the warm days in July when we packed the car full of kids and made our annual pilgrimage to the berry farm. The whole experience is medicine for me. Shuffling down the rows of berries under a hot sun, working my fingers through the plants for the best berries, filling a box with the abundance of Mother Earth also fills my heart to overflowing with the idea that every good thing is available in abundance to us. Watching my boys experience the same feeling of peace and satisfaction, sweet red juice running down their faces and a mixture of mud and berry plastered around their mouths and fingers is bliss! Go ahead, get messy, get completely, abundantly covered in the gifts of the sun and earth!We are never rushed at the berry farm. We move slowly through the patch savoring the moment that only comes for us once a year. And when our boxes are bulging, we head back to the car with full bellies, happy hearts, and hopes high for smoothies, jam, and of course, sweet soft pink yarn.