The Acorn Necklace

I think acorns are cute.They are simple and complicated depending on how you look at them. They are food, they are seed, they are abundant.Many years ago I discovered that you can string acorns fairly easily with a needle and thread. Such was the birth of the acorn necklace.It's free, and it only takes a minute or two to make. Think of them as a gift from Mother Nature. Happy Fall!

Here's how to do it First, set the ambiance for this sweet project with Little Acorns by the White Stripes. 1. Find cute acorns with sturdy caps. 2. Pick a length of string, thread, hemp, or whatever from your stash. 3. Thread your needle, and work it through the acorn in the desired location. I like to thread it through the nut just barely below the cap. This prevents your pendant from hanging upside down when you wear it. 4. Voila! Knot it, clasp it, tie it in a bow, or however you like, and wear a gift from Mother wherever you go.

Note: These don't last forever, but they do last a very, very long time.