Grandmother Love

I can't explain to you why a drum carder has this effect on me, but I felt silly giddy when my Louet Classic Drum Carder arrived in the mail from The Woolery.  Something was stirring in my universe. For some reason, having this peice of equipment was the final stepping stone in place for me to set foot on the promised land.

Cracking the tape on that box was magic. I unlocked the portal and was instantly surrounded by women of ages past who, like me, can get lost for hours in the art of crafting wool. Their thoughts, wishes, and heartaches poured out in meditation while turning the cards and spinning the wheel. Their hearts felt instantly connected to my own. Like the locks of wool themselves, grabbing on to each other, becoming one. I felt myslef stepping into the chain of all the women who have ever put ther heart into the craft.

It is more than just a craft. It is healing, it is meditation, it is creation at our fingertips; beauty unfolding from raw unknown. It is a chain of women over the centuries holding something in common. Standing beside one another with thoughts and wishes of love and supoprt for one another. An unspoken friendship, sisterhood, and grandmother love made alive by simply sharing the process of putting our hands and hearts to the fiber. We are one, Grandmother.

If you are like me, and you hear fiber calling to you, maybe it's really grandmother calling. Maybe the hours we spend with fiber are really hours spent together in ancient company. Do you hear it? Is it calling? We are one grandmother.