Welcome to the Abundant Earth Fiber Mill blog. 

We produce batts, roving, and yarn from local wool, alpaca, and other fibers. We process custom orders as well as producing our own locally sourced, small batch, limited edition rovings and yarn. At the time of our grand opening in July, 2014 the mill was owned and operated all by myself, Lydia Christiansen. I am a self-taught hand spinner, weaver, and processor with a bad case of fiber love. It is almost one year later, and I now have the great pleasure of working alongside five more very talented women. Together we process roughly 1,000 pounds of raw fiber per month. But this is just the beginning of our story. 

Our story unfolds daily as we work at the mill, share our stories with each other, and make amazing fiber discoveries together. The purpose of this blog is to invite you to join our story. We don’t know exactly where the road will lead us, or what we will find along the way. But, we do know one thing. 

This is more than just yarn. This is fiber love.